About Construction Company Payroll

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Payroll is a term that refers to the construction industry where the contractors pay the amount to subcontractors for performing some work tasks for them. In this CISpayroll, there is a set of rules for the contractors regarding how to pay their subcontractors when the work is done. A certain amount of money has to pay to the employees by the company is referred to as payroll.

The construction company payroll process is quite difficult because of many states and locations, construction report and payroll outsourcing.

Register with HMRC

Once if the contractor is registered with this scheme, they have to pay some amount of money to the HMRC by detecting that certain amount of money from their subcontractor’s payments. This payment will be treated as taxes and to cover some insurance policies in advance. This cannot be handled by the subcontractors, as they can harden the government even for the deserved tax money. That’s why they hold some amount from the subcontractor’s payment and with that money they pay the taxes. Learn more about payroll solutions on this site.

CIS payroll is applicable for the companies who provide the services in the area of construction as their primary business. Those who are running the construction companies consecutively for three years with a certain limit they have to register in this scheme.

For the construction business, there is a set of rules for every type that includes self-employed individuals working as sole traders, partnerships, company’s limited liability partnerships (LLPs). If you are a contractor and your company is involving more in the business of construction then you must register with HM Revenue and Customs. While registering make sure that you have to specify that you are registering for a contractor or a subcontractor and also want to specify whether you are self-employed or not, partnership or the company.