Anti-Allergy Tricks To Sleep Comfortably

Having allergies is a terrible thing. And although it can make your drowsy, its symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing can also wake you up numerous times at night and give you a hard time staying asleep even if you have on the best silk pajama set in the world. To avoid this situation, here are a few tricks for you to do to avoid having an allergy attack during bedtime.

Vacuum regularly

Dust mites are the number one trigger of allergies in a bedroom – especially if you have a carpet. Make sure to vacuum regularly one to two times a week to get rid of dust mites.

If you can not ask someone to vacuum for you because of your allergies, make sure to use a double bag and wear a face mask so that you can avoid inhaling the dust while vacuuming.

No pets in the room

Your cat or dog may be your best friends but they are also major allergy triggers. Their dead skin cells are always airborne and can settle into the dust which can trigger your allergy. Aside from that, their fur can also trigger your allergies. To help you sleep better at night, make sure your bedroom is off limits to your pet. has various tutorials related to silk pajamas for women.

Keep your windows closed

Letting in some air by opening your windows may be tempting especially if it’s a sunny day but this allows pollens to go inside your bedroom and settle in your carpet and beddings. It is best to keep your windows closed to keep dust to a minimum.

Take a shower before bedtime

Before you go to sleep, take a warm shower and put on a fresh set of silk pajamas for women. This can help you ensure that you removed any pollen or pet hair that you may have picked up during the day. Also, a warm shower can help relax your tense muscles which will make your body ready for bed time.

Remember, clearing the air in your bedroom is an important part of getting a good quality sleep for people like you who suffer from allergies. By getting rid of allergy triggers such as dust, you will be able to sleep faster and more comfortably.