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Four ways to help you with your allergies this summer

Beat allergies during the spring

People who suffer from allergies during the spring and summer know that this is the worst thing that can happen to them in the year. Most people would do anything to keep the symptoms at bay.

The allergies manifest differently with each person for different causes, but the bottom line is people suffer. The moment you feel that itch in the nose or your eyes getting watery it’s time to start nurturing yourself because the allergy season is opened.

We have some advice for people that have severe attacks that they can try so that the attacks can become less frequent or to just simply calm them down.

Take cold showers

Cold showers

The thing that helps lots of people when they have a hard allergy attack is to take a cold shower. The cold water helps your blood circulation and lets your body breathe more easily. It’s hard when you can’t open your eyes since they get watered fast, and you need to shock your whole body somehow to get back to the normal state.

Additionally, what you can do is shower during the night to get those pollen follicles rinsed out. Furthermore, wash your face with soap more often and rinse it with cold water, that way your face will stiff up a bit and not let the pollen enter so quickly.

Scrub when you shower

While we are on the topic of showers, you can start scrubbing during the spring and summer more often as that will help rid your skin of any pollen residue. If you can’t shower more than once a day, make that one shower count.

Get a luffa and a neutral PH soap or shower gel and start washing and scrubbing your whole body down. Don’t miss a spot because even the smallest places can have residue of pollen and if you are allergic, even the most minor amounts can make you start sneezing.

Start working out

Working out

Exercise helps you in all aspects of life. One additional thing it does is that it helps with your allergies. If you have a healthy immune system, you can fend off the allergy attacks easier, and to get a stronger immune system; you have to start taking care of your body. At least 20 minutes a day should be dedicated to working out, and hopefully, you will have an easier time when the attacks start.